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Chase June 2 2004

Route:Soest (NL) - Arnhem (NL) - Schermbeck (Ger) - Herne (Ger) - Bochum (Ger) - Wupertal (Ger) - Köln (Ger) - Olpe (Ger) - Dortmund (Ger) - Oberhausen (Ger) - Arnhem (NL) - Veenendaal (NL)
Chasepartner(s):Ben Lankamp

Ben Lankamp and I decided to chase some active thundery showers in western Germany, near the Ruhr/Sauerland area. A weak upper low was located over Central-Europe and in combination with daytime highs near 20C and a weak frontal boundary, there was enough instability present for convection. It became a quite difficult chase, as there was hardly any CIN, so convection occurred almost everywhere.
The first storm we intercepted was just over the German border. It was not active and we didn't even see any lightning. We decided to drive south to southeast, were more clearings were present. Pretty soon we saw towering cumuli on the eastern horizon. It took a while for us to find a decent road east, but we succeeded near Köln. We drove towards Olpe where we saw a storm forming. When we got closer it looked like it would die soon, as the bases were high and towers didn't look solid at all. Herman Harperink gave us call and informed about our position. He was near Soest, Germany, where he saw a nice storm as well. Maybe we should go in that direction too? Well, we had to do a corepunch first. So we drove east in the direction of our storm, when suddenly updraft bases became much better organised. Also, the downdraft area looked pretty intense. We drove into the raincore and encountered some small hail as well. Once in a while a CG could be seen. On a rest area we decided to take some photographs. There we saw another storm coming in our direction with a nice looking core. We enjoyed the stormy scenery, before heading east and later north. There we saw many more storms, without experiencing any severe weather. As Ben had to be home this evening, we couldn't go on chasing and headed home. Near Veenendaal we left the highway to visit a Mc Donalds for dinner. It was a nice chase! Thanks to Ben for navigating and allowing me to use a couple of his pictures on this page.


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