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Chase July 3 2004

Route:Soest - Amersfoort - Almere Buiten - Zeewolde - Harderwijk - Almere - Lelystad - Almere Buiten

During the late evening of Friday July 2 an active street of storms was moving from west to east over Central-Holland. As I was right underneath that street of storms I was in a very bad position for lightning photography. Unfortunaly, I was too tired to find a decent vantage point and decided to stay home. To make it even worse; I had just left work when the storm overtooke me while I was driving home on my bike. I got completely soaked! I did manage to record a couple of thunders with my digital camcorder. What an amazing storms these were! Tropical downpours, small hail and a nice close CG every now and then. The storm lasted almost the entire night and even Saturday morning a couple of thundery polar airmass showers passed my hometown. A nearby official KNMI precipitation station measured 64 mm of rain and a local amateur in Soest nearly 70 mm. Spectacular!

During the day more storms formed over The Netherlands. With a westerly a deep polar air mass was advected. This air mass was nearly uncapped so widespread showers and scattered thunderstorms formed with daytime heating. Low-level shear profiles were progged to strengthen during the day with late afternoon/early evening 0-1 km shear in the 7.5 to 10 m/s range.

In the early afternoon I shot some pictures of the result of last nights heavy rainfall. Then I found a shower near Amersfoort which showed a great flanking line and some low hanging fractus clouds. After this storm had moved away, I drove to Flevoland, but no real storm managed to form there. There were lots of fractus clouds near convection bases again...somethimes showing a funnellike appearance.

Later that day, during the early evening, I went to Flevoland again to watch an approaching line of storms from the west. Near Lelystad I soon found out the the first line moved very fast and I had almost no time to take pictures. Sometimes a nice yellow CG's was visible in the fall streaks. The other line was progressing fast as well, so I had to seek a location where I could stand dry and photograph the storm. I found one underneath a bridge, but wind gusts made dry spots rare. Now the CG and CC strikes coloured purple to pink and in combination with the setting sun a surrealistic setting occured. The storm lasted pretty long, but it was impossible to keep my equipment dry. So I drove off at abou 22.15 LT and performed a core punch of the storm just south of Lelystad. Very heavy rain and many lightning strikes made a difficult journey. Near the southern outflow of the storm a gigantic whale's mouth was present, but shooting from a car in this low light situation resukted in blurred pictures unfortunately. I tried my luck south of the complex, hoping to catch a bolt of lightning on camera, but the storm soon lost activity, of course. So no lightning pictures again, but it was great storm indeed!



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