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Chase April 5 2004

Route:Soest - Almere - Zeewolde - Lelystad - Dronten - Soest

With a westerly airflow, unstable maritime polar airmass was advected over much over Europe. With some diurnal heating present, showers should form rapidly over land with a chance of local thunder and graupel/soft hail.
In the early afternoon I drove to Flevoland. The roadnetwork is really good overthere and often there is an unobstructed view from the road. Unfortunatly there was a weak cap present at an altitude of about 4 km, so the updrafts were rather small. Sometimes a hailshaft was visible, but I couldn't find a decent storm. After 2 hours chasing, I returned home.

During the evening hours an intensifying trough moved into the Low Countries. This system was accompanied by linearly organised thunderstorms, a squall line. I drove to an open field near Soest, where I saw the line heading my way. A nice arcus cloud was present at that time! It came closer rapidly and soon it started to rain and hail. Also, there were some gusty winds. Unfortunately the sun set before the squall had cleared my location, so I couldn't get a good view at it's backside. I heard there were some nice mammatus clouds present!


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