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Chase February 8 2004

Route:Soest - Amersfoort - Soest

An interesting day with some nice wintry polar airmass convection. Influx of relatively moist low-level air into The Netherlands and in combination with a weakly unstable/saturated atmosphere this resulted in numerous rain/snow/graupel-showers and some scattered thunderstorms. There was plenty of speed shear available, so most storms produced nasty wind gusts, sometimes exceeding 100 km/h. The storm I intercepted near Amersfoort had a nice looking arcus cloud preceeding the precipitation core. Soon the precipitation region reached me and this was accompanied by fierce wind gusts. It started with heavy graupel, so called soft-hail, so I rushed back into my car.
When the storm passed beautiful mammatus clouds showed up. Later that day more storms moved over, but these weren't that photogenic.


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