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Chase August 12 2004


After the Dutch heatwave, remnants of hurricane Alex brought less warm and moist air to the country. This day a strong upper long-wave trough was present over northern France and southern England. Ahead of an approaching cold front a rather strong vorticity maximum was expected. There was also enough shear present for storm organisation.
During the afternoon storms popped up over central parts of The Netherlands. As I was staying at my parents place in the northeast, I had to wait for storms to arrive. After a while storms organised in a linear mode and moved north pretty fast. At 16.30 LT I went out to an open field to wait for the approaching line of storms. Pretty soon I saw the first low hanging clouds appear, it was some sort of high based shelf cloud. Once in while a CG could be seen in the southwest. It appeared that a more active cell passed me to my west and that the line was less active at my location. So not much action for me, but I had a good view at the active cell passing by. It had a massive downdraft region, almost similar to a wet microburst. Loud bangs of CG's could be heard every now and then. I did not chase that cell, but there were reports of marvelous looking shelf clouds preceeding this active cell.



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