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Chase March 18 2002


I've been on my first "2002 storm chase" this evening. I heard reports of a wonderful mammatusdisplay in southwestern parts of The Netherlands this afternoon and radarimages showed that the line of storms was slowly moving in my direction.
At 18.20 LT I drove to a nice vantage point near Soest and soon it started to rain. The frontside of the storm was marked by a great arcus and a whale's mouth. Very nice! In the west the sun was setting, which resulted in a very bright orange glow. The base of the storm was turbulent and sometimes small "funnels" formed underneath it. It was not merely rain the storm produced, four times I got hit (hard!) by graupel of about 3 mm. Also there were some nasty wind gusts, no idea which force though.
In the west a new shower was imminent and the view on it was spectacular. The whole sky in a bright orange glow, dark fallstreaks and pink (!) lightningflashes. Not many though, I've seen about 6 of them. I haven't seen any mammatusclouds, the backside of the storm arrived to late at my location (or the sun set to early).


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