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Chase April 21 2003

Route:Soest - Amersfoort - Zeewolde - Harderwijk

My first chase of the 2003 season! After three months dominated by high pressure blocking, the first chaseable thunderstorms formed in the afternoon hours. A weak cold front moved into Belgium and and prefrontal trough was situated over central parts of the Netherlands. The airmass was slightly unstable (LI down to -2, CAPE up to 300 and Boyden about 98). Thanks to a sea breeze effect from Lake IJsselmeer storms formed over Flevoland and these were nearly stationary. Storms were backbuilding to the southeast. In Soest I had a good view to the north and northeast.
In the early evening I drove to Flevoland. The storms were still going on, but they weren't as active as earlier. The line of storms was very small and convection was high based. Some weak outflow caused a 8 degree temperature drop. With a trained eye some vague mammatus was visible.
While driving home I saw a nice sunset. Storms were dying all around me, while temperatures dropped in the evening hours. Of course I got stuck in a traffic jam, that's chasing storms in Holland!


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