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Chase August 24 2004

Route:Soest - Lelystad - Biddinghuizen - Dronten - Kampen - Zeewolde - Almere - Soest - Amersfoort

The day after a supercell produced a tornado just east of Amsterdam, air mass remained unstable and many more showers and thunderstorms formed. Chances of new supercell development were small, but there was some speed shear present. I decided to chase in my favourite chasing area, Flevoland. Just when I arrived near Lelystad a huge storm showed up over Lake IJsselmeer. It showed a long but ill-formed shelf cloud. I decided to take shelter underneath an overpass so I could stay dry and take some photos. After a while it started raining very hard, so even the area underneath the overpass got soaking wet. I headed east again to try to get ahead of the line of storms again. In the massive precipitation area lots of CG's were present. Storms were moving northeast, so when driving south I could stay ahead of the line pretty long. Near 15 LT a new storm formed east of this line and this was an active one. Lots of rain and even some hail up to 1 cm came down. I tried capturing lightning with my camcorder, but failed. Later a nice rainbow was visible when the storms moved off east.
In the early evening I went out again to the fields near Amersfoort. There I saw a very photogenic, but decaying storm. A rainbow was visible underneath the snowing anvil. The base of this storm was pretty low and the updraft tower looked quite solid.
At about 22 LT I went out to the same area again as new storms moved in, producing lightning. As I haven't captured one single bolt on photo this year, this was my chance. When I arrived I did see an occasional CG, but when I had my tripods and camera's ready it stopped producing CG's. The cell even died. To my northwest frequent sheet lightning was present, but it was pretty remote. Due to light pollution and passing clouds it was impossible to photograph. So no lightning pictures for me again...



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