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Chase February 25 2004


A trough/low pressure area at both low and upper levels was located over western Scandinavia and this feature dominated north European weather. On it's western flank, a northerly flow advected cold and very unstable air southward. Within this polar airmass, the unstable layer deepened as upper temperatures dropped to around or below -40C at 500 hPa. This resulted in deep moist convection over The Netherlands and many wintry showers formed.
I went to a hill in the center of Soest, from where I had a great view at the sky around me. Soon a strong graupel shower moved over, showing some sort of arcus cloud preceeding the precipitation core.
Later another snow/sleet shower passed just south of me. While I stood under it's anvil, it produced a lot of snow/sleet at my location!
On the northern horizon, a line of storms was visibile. These storms sometimes showed overshooting tops, indicating strong convection! The line was located about 50 km north of me, over north Flevoland towards Drenthe.


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