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My storm chase equipment

My storm chase equipment

Please note: Storm chasing can be a dangerous activity with the potential for damage to vehicles and other property, personal injury, disability and even death!

Why chase?
It's all about the thrill of making a good forecast, being in nature, chasing an impressive storm and document it using a camera and/or camcorder. Enjoying a storm's spectacular cloud structures, cloud to ground and crawler lightning, hearing thunder and smelling the atmosphere, chasing storms implies using most of your senses. Also, nice rainbows, sunsets and the like can be very rewarding to see and photograph.
How do I become a storm chaser?
You should start by reading lots about weather and meteorology, especially about the thunderstorm's environment. Without the proper knowledge, it is difficult and dangerous to chase storms. If you plan to chase storms seriously there are a few things which can be handy, or are even necessary, to be successful; a car or van, a laptop computer with cell phone and mobile internet, a GPS receiver with route mapping software, a camera and/or camcorder and a couple of miscellaneous things.
Please read the recommendations mentioned on the pages linked below, before embarking on your first chase!


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