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Corona and Iridescence

Corona and Iridescence: A phenomenon born by diffraction of light typically on cirrus clouds or on altocumulus lenticularis clouds. It often is a tough phenomenon to detect, because it is always close to the dazzling sun. Perhaps the easiest way to find the colours is to check the sun and its vicinity from a reflected image - reflection from calm sea surface or from a pool nicely dampens the brightness and makes observing possible. A corona is a more and less regular and round shaped aureole around the sun or moon. When a corona breaks, the colours more or less follow cloud structures and then the phenomenon is called iridescence. This is perhaps the most colourful phenomenon seen in the sky and at its best it really is spectacular to watch.
Glory: This is a name for colored rings around the point opposite the suns position. This could be the top of a cloud when flying in an airplane.

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